101. Cam’ Ye By Athol

Chanson traditionnelle, Ecosse. Par James Hogg, Neil Gow (XIXe siècle).

Cam' ye by Athol, lad wi' the philabeg,
Down by the Tummel, or banks of the Garry?
Saw ye the lads, wi' their bonnets an' white cockades,
Leaving their mountains to follow Prince Charlie.

Follow ye, follow ye, wha wadna follow ye?
Long have ye lo_v'd an' trusted us fairly!
Charlie, Charlie, wha wadna follow ye?
King o' the Heeland hearts, bonnie Prince Charlie.

I hae but one son, my gallant young Donald;
If I had ten, they should follow Glengarry;
Health to MacDonald and gallant Clan Ronald,
For these are the men that will die for their Charlie.

I'll go to Lochiel, and Appin and kneel to them;
Down by Lord Murray and Roy of Kildarlie;
Brave Mackintosh, he shall fly to the field wi' them;
These are the lads I can trust wi' my Charlie.

Down by the Lowlands, down wi' the whigamore,
Loyal Highlanders, down wi' them rarely;
Ronald and Donald drive on wi' the braid claymore,
Over the necks o' the foes o' Prince Charlie.

Source: http://www.rampantscotland.com/songs/blsongs_atholl.htm

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