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« Bards in Exile », also called in French « Bardes en Exil », is a musical project managed by Lucius Barde (formerly Lucius Arkay) The website address is : The main language of the website is French, and part of the content is available in English as a secondary language.

Contact address for the website : carteblanche {at} tutamail [period] com.

Please support the artist if you want to use my music in your projects

The audio material published until Dec 2022 was under Creative Commons license, unless “cover” specified.

From 2023 it is no longer the case (including Remastered Collection and everything after that). That being said, I generally authorize the usage of my music to those who bought the files (I recommend buying on Bandcamp or Bardic.Space for best quality). Please credit either Bards in Exile or Bardes en Exil with a link to this website or one of my social profiles.

Contact address for requests : carteblanche {at} tutamail [period] com.

Privacy Policy

The website doesn’t use tracking cookies, stats tools, or advertising. Some modules embed external websites (Twitter/X, YouTube, Odysee or others), and those might track information as if you were browsing the external website.